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mmm looks so good!


Oh wow. I remember the stench of ginko nuts as they lay on the ground in Washington DC. My street was lined with them and they were gorgeous trees, but smelled to high heaven when the nuts dropped. Not sure I would have been brave enough to gather them even if I had known then what a delicacy they are considered, as I've since learned! They do look good though.

Chris Q

All the food looks so good! I wish for your recipes of items I could cook here in New England, as we love japanese food but alas ingredients are rather limited since Kotobukiya closed in Cambridge last year and our other mainstay closed the year before. We still have many Chinese markets that carry some of the necessary ingredients. Would you share recipes?


I don't even like fish that much but the himono looks and sounds delicious! What a cool idea to dry fish that way.

Does the gingko nut smell go away with roasting/cooking? I'd love to try them.


I love the stuff you cook, there's always so much variety.

I love ginkgo nuts! I've only ever had them as a dessert however, in a sweet syrup broth. They're a pain to prepare but they taste so good.

Lady E

i just love your food posts. how do you make the shiitake and button mushroom sauce for the hamburger?

Heel Tastic Review

It’s always good to see beautiful piles of plums in all shades from blue-black, through purple and red to green and yellow, plus the plump ears of sweetcorn, golden squash and all the rest.

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melissa doug

I am liking the dishes that you presented here. especially the tufo...

Heel Tastic

I don't think this stuff is restricted to Autumn. I can taste it now. I love the pine nuts added the recipes and the Japanese cuisine looks so elegant.

clea walford

glad that I found your website and I really love your recipes!


I love looking at the photos because they really make me hungry an I love the colors of the food. However, some of the fish looks unappetizing (but I'd try it)

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